Leave this world a little better than you found it—through the people you meet & the work you do.


Pardon the appearance - like any good human, we’re under construction.



Principally I am a designer. By that I mean I look around and think about how I can solve the problems that the world faces. I ask myself how can I make life a little better than it was before, and then I do it.


Repeatedly I find myself going back to the sketchbook. We’ve been close friends for years and even though we’ve had our times apart, we always reunite. Although I generally draw for myself, it is nice to share that with others.


Art History

Alongside a degree in communication design I pursued a degree in art history. The focus on problem-solving from design with the research component of art history developed a duality in the way I approach obstacles.

Print Making

There is something so pleasing about the moment you separate the paper from the press. The very hands on process attracted me to the form. We can’t always hold the things we create, but printmaking allows you to feel what you’ve done.


Who’s Abba?

I’m just trying to do the most good in the time that I have. I keep trying to look up in life and mind.My days are spent with my partner Joe and my two rescue pups Mona and Pearl–named after famous paintings of women.